Welcome to this space of Functional Health and Movement. Here, we focus on the systems of the body, optimizing your health and wellness holistically. We will work together to calm your nervous system, bring down inflammation, and improve the overall functioning of your body’s systems. We’ll do this step-by-step, with special attention to a whole-foods diet, rest and sleep habits, exercise support, stress reduction and management, and reducing the toxic load of environmental stressors on your body.

Positivity zen and living a cleaner lifestyle — clear of “extras” that may not be helping us live our healthiest lives while adding and maintaining those that are better for us.

Jen is a Functional Health & Wellness Coach, yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and marathoner. She is your guide in feeling and functioning better in your body using holistic, research-based methods.

She speaks Spanish fluently and is often mistaken as a native speaker!